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Sears Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in February 2023

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Get $50 Off Mattresses Over $599
Save 35$ For Orders 300$+
Minimum order value: $300
Save 25% Off Clothing Orders $50+
Minimum order value: $50
Buy 2 Or More Pairs of Shoes And Get Extra 25% off
20% Off $50+ Clothing
Minimum order value: $50
Save An Extra 20% Off Clothing
Save 15% on Shoe Orders $50+
Minimum order value: $50
10% Off With Promo Coupon - Clothes, Shoes And Jewelry
Spend $60 on Footwear And Save!
Save $10 on Clothing Orders $40+
Minimum order value: $40
Spend $50 on Shows And Get $10 Off
$599 on Beautyrest Black Mattress Get Extra 10% Off And Free Shipping!
Sign In And Safe 5$ For Orders 50$+
Minimum order value: $50
Up to $200 Off Kenmore Kitchen Appliances
Craftsman Lawn Mower Sale - Save Up to $100
Clearance Fine Jewelry Up to 90% Off
Up to 60% Off Craftsman Extreme Grip
Up to 55% Off Furniture Deals
Up to 50% Off Craftsman Mechanics Tool Sets
Camping And Hiking Gear Are on Sale!
Tents And Canopies Are Up to 50% Off
Tools And Craftsman Tool Storage - Up to 50% Off
Weights, Home Gyms, Fitness Products Now Up to 50% Off
 tested today
Must-Have Tools Sale!
Teadmills, Ellipticals, Weights And More 50% Off
Up to 40% Off Fitness Stuff
Up to 40% Off Appliances + Extra 10% Off Bestsellers
Up to 40% Off Kenmore Bottom Frezers
Save Up to 40% Off Nordictrack
Refrigerators Up to 40% Off
Patio Furniture - Save Up to 40%
Up to 35% Off Appliances
Save Up to 30% on Kitchen Essentials
Lawn & Garden Is Up to 25% Off
Top Brand Tires Are Up to 25% Off
Lawn Mowers Up to 25% Off
All Craftsman Lawn And Garden Power Equipment Is Now 20% Off
15% Discount Off Your $75 Home Order
Minimum order value: $75
Free Shipping
 tested today
Get Free Shipping on $59.99+ Pre-Points For Members
Minimum order value: $59
Get Our Mobile App!
Choose Your Gift Card!
Free Shipping
Check Conditions Od Free Shipping!
Minimum order value: $50
All Women's Shoes Are Now on Sale!
Free Shipping
Free Shipping Over $49
Minimum order value: $49
Limited Deal!!! Get Up to 45% Off on Ellipticals
Get Up to 30% Off on Small Appliances
Limited Offer!! Get 60% Off & More Diamond Princess Pendants & Necklaces + Free Shipping
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Offers: 44
Redeemed offers: 19
Potential savings: 10%-90% / $5-$200

Sears remains one of the prominent chains of department stores where you can do almost everything you need to make your house a home. If you’re looking to set your home with home-essentials, then Sears is your one-stop shopping site. On the good side, Sears is known for incentivizing its shoppers with ridiculous discounts and deals. This invariably means that you can save massively while shopping on Sears online stores or in Sears shop outlets. Isn’t this juicy? Here are a few ways you can save with Sears:

  1. Enjoy free shipping when you purchase items worth $49 and above. With this coupon deal, you don’t have to stress yourself about hefty shipping fees as you can purchase massively and evade weighty shipping expenses. A very enticing offer!
  2. Shopping for your favorite items during Sears Blowout Events is also a good time to save massively. During the Sears Blowout Events, you can purchase regular-priced items at 70% off discount. Yes, you read that correctly, a whopping 70% discount!
  3. Another way to save big with Sears is to shop with the Sears credit card, why? Well, when you pay for your purchased items using the Sears credit card, you will be rewarded with exclusive discounts. Let’s say you pay $100 for some items you purchased; you will be rewarded with a $15 cashback in reward points.
Discount Details Valid until
$50 Discount Get $50 Off Mattresses Over $599 Up to revocation
$35 Discount Save 35$ For Orders 300$+ Up to revocation
25% Discount Save 25% Off Clothing Orders $50+ Up to revocation
25% Discount Buy 2 Or More Pairs of Shoes And Get Extra 25% off Up to revocation
20% Discount 20% Off $50+ Clothing Up to revocation

More about Sears

Sears, Roebuck, and Co., also known as Sears, is an American chain store with several departments. Sear was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893. It was initially based at the Sears Tower in Chicago, but now, it is headquartered in Hoffman Estates in Illinois. In 2005, Sears was bought by Kmart, which went on to form Sears Holdings upon the documentation of the merger.

Sears specializes in the sale of clothes, footwear, bedding furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, housewares, housewares and appliances, toys, and tools. If you’re looking to set up your home as regards stocking it up with the necessary items, then Sears is your go-to online store.

To make shopping at Sears stores quite easy for you, we’ve compiled loads of info to make your shopping at Sears an exciting experience. Do you want to find out? Well, let’s dive in.

How do I redeem my Sears coupon code?

There are several ways you can save while shopping on Sears online stores or physical stores. However, before you proceed to want to redeem a coupon code, you should understand the perks of the coupon or the particular purpose or item that particular is meant for. For instance, you can get a Sears free shipping coupon which can be redeemed at the shipping page. The same goes for Sears repair coupons, which can be used to repair your car at a discounted rate as indicated in the coupon.

Redeeming your Sears coupon or promo code isn’t rocket science as you only need to – 

  1. Select the items you want to purchase
  2. Enter your Sears coupon code when you get to the checkout page.
  3. Once you enter your coupon code and hit the “Enter” button, you will be greeted with a new discount price.

What do I need to know about my Sears voucher? 

Giving that Sears is known to sell a variety of items ranging from housewares to appliances, you can save a lot while shopping with your coupon codes as you can leverage your promo codes to enjoy numerous exclusive deals and discounts. We will also be discussing the best time to shop at Sears.

When is the best time to shop at Sears?

There are specific moments when you can enjoy fantastic deals on specific products. If you need to change your household items, home appliances and gadgets, you can take advantage of special seasons such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holiday time.

👛 Does Sears offer Black Friday?

Stay tuned for Sears Black Friday sales as it offers you a variety of exclusive and massive discounts and deals. With the availability of several juicy price slashes on regular-priced items, you would be pulled in different directions. Sign up for a Sears shopping account to receive newsletters as this would keep you updated with info on upcoming deals. Known for their amazing deals, you can expect sales like last year’s 50% off price slashes on washers, dryers, high-tech essentials, and many more. Plus, the shopping timeframe is usually open from 6 pm – 12 pm, which gives you tons of chances to grab whatever you’re looking to purchase.

🧑‍💻 Can I save with Sears Cyber Monday Sales?

If you missed it out on the Black Friday weekend sales, you could recuperate your losses leveraging on the Sears Cyber Monday sales.

🎄 What do I benefit from Sears Christmas Sales?

Shopping during the yuletide season on Sears comes with exclusive perks and discounts. During previous seasonal shopping, most shoppers enjoyed massive discounts on regular-priced items. House appliances such as freezers, washers, deep fryers, and the likes were sold off at a 50% discount. We expect that this year’s Christmas sales will be better.

🦃  Does Sears have Thanksgiving sales?

Sears Thanksgiving sales also come with similar perks as similar to its Black Friday sales. You will be given a 6 pm – 12 pm time allowance to hunt down your favorite items at extremely discounted prices.

Do Sears offer Students Discount?

For now, the Sears Student Discount is restricted to tech and vocational students. Tech and vocational students can enjoy discounted price rates on purchases made on tools and other tool-related appliances. Tech and vocational students can enroll for the Sears Student discount using their school id or email and enjoy a 50% discount purchase on tool items.

How does Sears Senior Discount work?

Sears Senior Discount isn’t an everyday thing as it happens occasionally. During this time, elder citizens living on a budget will be given an incentive to buy from Sears. The retailer would provide its customers who are 60 years and older a 10% savings on regular items and sales merchandise during the Senior Day Event. However, you should come with valid proof of age.

At the moment, the popular promo codes on Sears includes –

  • $15 cashback in reward points
  • 70% off clearance items
  • Free shipping on orders above $59

Does Sears offer Military Discount?

Sears created a program known as Heroes to Home to assist military families undergoing hardship. This program seeks to offer necessary repairs and adaptations to homes occupied by military families. To be eligible for this discount, you’re to present a valid military ID while shopping at any Sears retail store.

Can I use the coupon codes with the Sears mobile app?

Yes, you can notch up your shopping experience with the Sears mobile app. With the Sears mobile app, you can keep up with the latest deals and trends on the Sears shopping site.

Does Sears allow coupon stacking?

Yes, Sears allows you to use unlimited coupons for one order. However, you should ensure the coupons don’t conflict with each other. Stacking coupons while shopping on Sears should also be done within the ethics of Sears shopping policies.

How much can I save with my Sears voucher?

There is no limit to how much you can save with your Sears voucher. How about getting a $50 Discount deal for anything you want? We advise that you stay updated with info on exclusive offers and deals by signing up for the Sears newsletters. You can also visit their social media pages to stay with exclusive deals and discounts.

Why is my Sears coupon not accepted?

It can be a serious hassle when you’re trying to enter a coupon code, and it isn’t working. Well, there are several reasons why your Sears coupon code may not be accepted. We will be discussing a few possible reasons –

Misspelled coupons

Sear coupon codes are sensitive, and as such, they should be copied correctly. In this regard, we advise that you copy and paste your coupon box in the entry box provided at the checkout page. This ensures that you make no error while entering the code.

Expired coupons

On the Sears shopping site, all coupons don’t come with expiry dates. This is probably due to an in-house policy known to only the retail store members. Well, sometimes, coupons are only available as long as the discounted items are still in stock. Also, having a limited stock of items can cause a coupon code to expire on Sears.

Mismatched coupon

When you try to redeem a Sears coupon code for an item other than what it is meant for, it won’t work. Before you try to redeem a code, ensure that it matches the item stated on the coupon code.

Fake coupon sites

Well, if you didn’t know, there are so many fake coupon sites that offer fake coupons. Coupons gotten from fake sites won’t work. We advise that you determine the viability of any coupon-giving site before getting coupons from it.

How can I save without using Sears coupon codes?

There are a variety of ways you can save money without using Sears coupon codes. Some of these save-money tips include:

💳 Shopping with Sears credit card

Shopping with Sears credit card allows you to enjoy extra discounts at checkouts. For instance, you can spend $100 and get $15 cashback in points. These points can later be used to purchase items.

📆 End of the year discount sales

Sears treats its shoppers to end of the year discount sales. These discount sales come with exclusive price slashes on regular priced items.

💃 Sears Blowout Events

Sears blowout events allow shoppers to enjoy extreme discounts on items. You could get up to 70% off on your favorite items. These items range from clothing to household appliances. The Sears Blowout Events take place anytime within the year.

📱 Use the Sears mobile app

The Sears mobile app allows you to shop on the go as well as keeping up with the latest trends and deals on the Sears shopping site.

💌 Sign up to receive newsletters from Sears

When you sign up to receive newsletters from Sears, you can stay updated with upcoming deals and discounts seamlessly.

👩‍💻 Visit Sears social media pages

Visiting the social media pages of Sears is another way to stay updated as regards exclusive deals and discounts.

How do I place an order on Sears?

Ordering on Sears is a snap as you only need to add your items to the cart and click the checkout button. For a more detailed process on how to order on Sears, you can –

  1. Sign in to your Sears shopping account
  2. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart.
  3. Enter your shipping and billing information at the checkout page
  4. Receive a confirmation email that includes when your order will be shipped

Visit Sears website to learn about shipping and return policy.

Delivery conditions at Sears

Sears has multiple shipping and delivery methods based on the size of the item. For Parcel Shipping, Sears offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more. You can only qualify for free shipping if you order items that qualify. You can also look for a coupon code for free shipping.

Sears offers four shipping rates: Economy, Standard, Expedited, and Premium.

  • Economy arrives in 5-7 business days and costs around $7.
  • Standard arrives in 3-5 business days and costs around $8.
  • Expedited arrives in 2 business days and costs around $9.
  • Premium arrives in 1 business day and costs around $13.

Oversized shipping is required for items that are oversized or weigh more than 150 pounds. They arrive in about 8-10 days. In order to receive the package, someone needs to be at the shipping address in order to sign for it.

For major home purchases such as appliances, grills, tractors, furniture, and mattresses Sears offers home delivery and haul-away. Customers need to schedule the delivery in advance. The time of delivery and delivery costs will be noted in the shopping cart and at checkout. Sears often has promotions or coupons for free delivery. Standard delivery on appliances is about $70. There is a $25 fee per every haul-away item.

Sears also allows free store pickup in many locations.

Returns at Sears

The best way to make returns at Sears is to ensure you have your original receipt and original packaging. Most items can be returned within 30 days, but there are some products which have shorter time frames.

For products that were delivered, you can contact a Sears store to have the item picked up or you can bring it to any store. In order to arrange a pickup, you need to call 1.800.732.7747.
For items that were shipped, you can mail them back or return them to any store. To make a return by mail, you have to log into the ‘Order Center’ and click on ‘Return Item’. After a set of instructions, you will be given a label for the box. Sears does not offer free return shipping and the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund. If you decide to return the item to a store, you need to bring the receipt or packing slip with you. Sears members do not need to have a receipt to make a return.

Sears customer service

Sears has a customer service section at the bottom of their website with information about:

  • Order status
  • Returns
  • Shipping & delivery

When you click ‘Contact Us’ you will be directed to a page where you can type in a question. If you are not able to find the answers you are looking for, you can call customer service at 1.800.349.4358. Customer service representatives are only available from 6am CST to 11pm CST, seven days a week. Sears does not support live chat or email customer service.